martes, 28 de abril de 2020

6ºEP English Projects (SPRING: MARCH 31st)

Algúns consellos e axudas para os vosos Proxectos de Inglés!!!

March 31st: Spring
SPRING Vocabulary List 32 Words and Pictures FREE | Material ...
30 Spring Word Wall Words | Ingles niños, Preescolar y Niños


The weather (vocabulary) | Aprendizaje idioma alemán, Aula de ...

The Weather in English - Vocabulary


What to Eat This Spring | SparkPeople

Eating In Season: Spring Produce List | Spring produce, Spring ...


Clothes Seasons


5 Spring Poems for Kids | Little Learning Corner

Animal Action~Verb lessons | Kindergarten poems, Preschool poems ...
Short Spring Poem For Kids 576x792 | Poesia en ingles, Poemas en ...

List Of Plant And Flower Names In English With Pictures ...

Learn English Vocabulary through Pictures: Flowers and Plants ...

Bỏ túi liền tay tên các loài hoa bằng tiếng Anh

Flower Names Word Search Printable for Kids


The 10 Best Flowering Trees for Your Landscape:


The 8 best spring traditions around the world:

Spring Celebrations:

Some Tips to decorate your English Projects!!!